[erlang-questions] What are the cons and pros of using Erlang rather than java to develop server backend?

Ulf Wiger ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Fri May 22 10:00:53 CEST 2009

G.S. wrote:
> True, that was a poor comparison between Mnesia and SQL, (or no 
> comparison at all... as they are in different groups).
> Nevertheless, no one has really added to the cons and pros of Erlang vs 
> Java, in general, for the development of backend.

Well, actually there was an article in a respected Swedish
computer magazine recently


As it is in Swedish, let's turn to the venerable translator

"Such language is Erlang, which reached an enormous popularity recently. 
According to Johan Bevemyr, system architect at Tail-f Systems, it is 
possible to make huge cool stuff with few developers, such as bug fixes 
in service without taking down the system. When Johan Bevemyr worked at 
Ericsson, it was a study which showed that Erlang, the language that 
[beat] Java and C + + with horse lengths.

- The survey shows that it is possible to achieve five times greater 
productivity with Erlang than with object-oriented languages. This means 
that a developer can write the same program in Erlang as five developers 
in Java or C + +, he says."

(Apologies, Johan - your original statement, in Swedish, did sound
better. :)

Ulf W
Ulf Wiger
CTO, Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd

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