[erlang-questions] What are the cons and pros of using Erlang rather than java to develop server backend?

G.S. <>
Fri May 22 01:49:05 CEST 2009

Hello fellow Erlangers,

I have to make a decision on whether to develop a server back-end software
with a large user base (millions) in Erlang rather than Java. My personal
choice is to develop the software in Erlang, but I'm wondering whether any
of you could come up with good reasons why Java should be used instead, thus
far my reasoning is as follows:

Erlang Pros as apposed to Java:
Erlang is highly scalable,
The code is much shorter and therefore easier to maintain,
The software would be with a lot less bugs, and be much more robust,
Erlang provides a high throughput.
Prototyping is faster, and in general serverside, Erlang has been much more
capable in my previous projects.
With Erlang I can use Mnesia, which in it self is much more robust, and
scalable rather than for example SQL...

Less number of developers than Java (but I think the Erlangers are usually
much more skilled, and it would be easy to find coders by for example
posting an add on this mailing list).
Security (but Erlang is also very secure I think, there are high profile
websites that deal with banking/money written in Erlang, exp: Kreditor)

ps, anyone ever had more problems interacting with APIs using Erlang as
opposed to Java?

I appreciate any responses and contributions to the Cons/Pros list,
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