[erlang-questions] New version of LFE, Lisp Flavoured Erlang

Robert Virding <>
Thu May 21 22:46:36 CEST 2009

I have just released LFE 0.4.

It is long overdue release containing many goodies, amongst other things:

Parameterized modules.

Added (export all) attribute to module definition.

New records which allow giving default values as in vanilla Erlang. Records
are still compatible with vanilla Erlang but now more pratical to use. NOTE
this change is not backwards compatible as syntax for (make- ...) and
(match- ...) have changed. Also added general multiple (set- ...) macro.

(eval-when-compile ...) added as a top-level form which allows functions to
be defined when compiling the forms. These are useful for more complex

Better and more documention. The documentation is still normal text files as
Edoc and I are not in agreement on how things should work.

This will be the last development version for Erlang R12B-5 and older, all
future development will for R13B. If there is enough interest I may start a
separate branch for R12B.

As before it is on both trapexit.org and github:


Unfortunately finding v0.4 is bit difficult as I managed to mess up the
tagging. The easiest way is to look the network graph and pick the right
commit from 21 May. When I work out how to fix it I will.

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