[erlang-questions] prep_stop in an included application

Alex Vazquez <>
Thu May 21 08:32:26 CEST 2009

2009/5/20 Ulf Wiger <>

> This is true also for the start function and the
> start phase callbacks.
> It is your responsibility to take care of the included
> applications.

> In the AXD 301, we had a generic top-level application
> callback that would look for environment variables
> in the included applications - e.g. {'#prep_stop#', {M,F}}.

I see ... well i finally managed to solve my problem by calling an
included-application API function from the primary prep_stop callback.
Although it seems to me not the best solution, it works, and i have no time
of implementing a more generic solution like the one you mention.

Anyway, just for curiosity, there would be any reason preventing some kind
of stop_phases scheme or it's just that nobody found it that necessary
and/or had the time to do it?


> BR,
> Ulf W
> Alex Vazquez wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I would like to know if there is a way of forcing the execution of the
>> prep_stop() callback for an included application that is started by adding
>> its supervisor to the primary application supervisor.
>> The scenario i'm facing includes a primary application that launches some
>> included applications, with some of them launching another applications too:
>> Prim
>> IncA, IncB,
>> IncA1, IncA2
>> Here, i need to manipulate the supervisor of the included application
>> (say, IncA) just before it stops, to allow deleting its own included apps
>> (say IncA1 and IncA2) before it terminates, doing it from inside the
>> included application and not from the primary one.
>> I'm experiencing that the prep_stop callback is only called for the
>> primary application and not for the included ones.
>> I now it can sound a bit akward. I can explain a bit further if needed.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> --
>> Alejandro Vazquez Fente
> --
> Ulf Wiger
> CTO, Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd
> http://www.erlang-consulting.com

Alejandro Vazquez Fente
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