[erlang-questions] How to solve the blocking accept call in atcp_listener process ?

info info@REDACTED
Wed May 20 01:58:00 CEST 2009

ok, but it's not gen_server compatible !

James Hague wrote:
> > Many examples uses the async_accept primitive from the module prim_inet.
> > This primitive is not documented (low level) and might change or dissapear.
> > Do you know examples which don't use it but use a "clean" solution for the blocking accept call ?
> > Or could you show an elegant solution in this forum ?
> You could always put the blocking call into it's own process.  When a
> connection occurs, change the port's owner and send the port in a
> message.  (And open the port in passive mode to make sure messages
> aren't received before switching the owner.)

The way I've always done it is to spawn the acceptor as:

L = listen(...),

listen_loop(L) - >
    Top = self(),
    spawn(fun() - >
            Sock = accept(L),
            Top ! one_more,
        one_more - >

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