[erlang-questions] error_logger and the perils of asynchronicity

Steve Davis steven.charles.davis@REDACTED
Sat May 16 16:53:19 CEST 2009

Hi Christian,

Are you saying that the bottleneck issue with error_logger is to do with 
processing its inbox and not with the call to io:format in the receive 
that synchronously writes the message out to disk?

It was my guesstimate that it would very likely be the latter scenario. 
If it is, then I would strongly suspect that pushing out that work to 
another node and/or making that process of writing to disk asynchronous 
to the receive would resolve the issue.

Without facing/replicating/resolving this particular issue myself, my 
suggestions should be taken as just that. I posted them in the hope that 
that they may trigger an approach that does resolve the issue that Ulf 
brought to the table.


Christian wrote:
> This discussion is going around in circles a bit.

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