[erlang-questions] New Erlware format, Changes to Faxien and Sinan

cyberlync@REDACTED cyberlync@REDACTED
Sun May 10 07:06:17 CEST 2009

Hello All,

We have been talking about a few changes to faxien and sinan for a
little while. Basically, these changes revolve around making the on
disc format for erlware exactly the same as that for Erlang itself.
This should allow us to seamlessly integrate with not only normal
erlang, but other non-erlware systems that use Erlang. This is one of
those 'hit yourself in the forehead with your palm', we should have
done this from the start kind of things. It may have taken us a bit to
realize the obvious but once we did we got things in shape.

Unfortunately, this is a backwards incompatible change. You will need
to nuke your erlware install and run the bootstrap again. We don't
actually like doing backwards incompatible changes, but this has
enough benefit to make it worth while.

Those of you that provide bootstrappers for the various platforms should go  
ahead and checkout the latest bootstrap.git and upload bootstrappers for  
the new stuff.

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