[erlang-questions] Processes memory vs. per-process memory

Igor Ribeiro Sucupira <>
Sat May 9 04:03:16 CEST 2009

Hi there.

I have an erl_crash.dump in which I can find the following information
about memory usage:

total: 1965458272
processes: 1778010352
processes_used: 1777950248
system: 187447920
atom: 1193657
atom_used: 1171113
binary: 107515008
code: 4116421
ets: 52330560

As you can see, the memory used by processes is about 1.65 GB.

However, taking a look at the memory (Stack+heap) used by each of my
10090 processes, I noticed they sum 252963814 bytes, which is only
about 241 MB.

What am I missing here?

Additional information about the two processes using the highest
amount of memory:

Pid                Name/Spawned as    State
Reductions    Stack+heap    MsgQ Length
<0.33.0>        erlang:apply/2           Garbing (limited info)
7792272        30610465        1
<0.3632.45>   erlang:apply/2           Waiting
5199219       19590700        0


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