[erlang-questions] suggestions on how to start an erlang application from os shell script

Mark Geib mark.geib@REDACTED
Tue May 5 17:29:02 CEST 2009

I have created an erlang application using the OTP structure.

During development I have been doing
erl -boot start_sasl ... then

Now I am ready to package and deploy the app. We use debian systems here 
so I need to build a debian package to deploy from. The problem is I 
have not found a good way to start the app from the command line, i.e. a 
os shell script. I have tried creating a boot script, but this seems to 
require hard coded versions of the required apps, like kernel, sasl, 
etc. However we have various versions of debian in production with 
slightly different version of erlang, etc. installed. So I don't know 
the target environment.

I could create a one line erlang program that does 
application:start(myapp), but this seems unnecessary.

So, what is the standard method for starting a application from the 
command line.


Principal Engineer
Cheyenne Software Engineering
mark.geib@REDACTED / 35-215

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