[erlang-questions] erlang-questions Digest, Vol 24, Issue 20

Johnny Billquist <>
Tue May 5 12:46:18 CEST 2009

John Haugeland wrote:
>     From: Johnny Billquist < <mailto:>>
>     I don't even know what you mean by a "console" here. And I can't see the
>     point either.
> At this point, I am ending my participation in this discussion: it has 
> become significantly acrimonious, and my opinion is that you have 
> completely lost track of my actual opinion in favor of something you 
> would like to argue with in a relatively unpleasant way.  I have 
> responded in private, but I believe this is turning into a repetitive 
> flamewar, and I don't think the list wants to read that sort of thing.
> I will, instead, focus on writing an EEP, which it is my hope will be 
> clear enough to be discussed in a rather more polite and rational 
> fashion.  I might be right, I might be wrong, but I've asked several 
> times for you to focus on criticisms of my proposal, and my opinion is 
> that that is not happening, and at this point not likely to happen.
> Thank you for your interest.  Have a good day.

Fine with me. I don't think that the list is helped by the long mails 
either. I've replied in private and maybe we can get somewhere after a 

I'll just end by saying that my tone was uncalled for, and I apoligize 
for that.


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