[erlang-questions] R13B stop_select error

Eugene Letuchy <>
Mon May 4 22:36:41 CEST 2009

Hey folks,

I just discovered the following error in the logs of a production
system (running -smp +K true):

[May  4 12:42:30 2009] [error] driver_select(0x0000000000099dd0, 158,
ERL_DRV_READ ERL_DRV_WRITE ERL_DRV_USE, 0) by tcp_inet driver
#Port<0.119119312> failed: fd=158 (re)selected before stop_select was
called for driver udp_inet

The process that generated this error is a tcp thrift server
and the same code R12B-5 code did not generate these errors. After
this error, the thrift server process is no longer responsive (doesn't
do accept()s) ... can anyone on the core erl team give me a clue as to
what could cause this behavior, or what other info might be helpful?


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