[erlang-questions] erlang-questions Digest, Vol 24, Issue 15

mats cronqvist <>
Mon May 4 17:09:42 CEST 2009

John Haugeland <> writes:

>     John Haugeland <> writes:
>> > i want to clean the erlang cosole.and want to position the cursor
>> > to the top left hand cornet of the console.I went trough the c
>> > module on erlang but still i cudnt find a way to clear the screen.
>> > can anybody let me know hw to clean the erlang screen.
>> This is not really an erlang question. Console implementations differ in
>> their control codes.
> Nonsense.  The erlang console is not an OS console. 
>>      No, but it runs in one... So, to clear the screen and move the cursor
>>      to home you have to deal with the underlying console, right?
> And of course, if you're willing to stick to the Unix shell, then really all
> you have to do is emit VT codes and call it a day.

  I'd venture to guess that your "VT codes" and the "control codes"
  mentioned above are amazingly similar. 

  And I'm still curious to learn how you'd go about putting the cursor top
  left without sending some sort of control codes.


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