[erlang-questions] got an industrial strength version of mingw capable of building gtknode and glade?

Davide Marquês <>
Mon May 4 10:48:57 CEST 2009

Hi Steve,

> Has ANYONE out there been able to build gtknode and glade on MS-Windows
> using Mingw/Msys?
Have you tried using Cygwin with MinGW?
Currently cygwin's gcc supports a -mno-cygwin flag that will make it use
mingw headers and enable it to create windows native executables.
And while it seems that support for this "mingw mode" is to be terminated,
for now it's working. ;)
In alternative, you can just setup your PATH so that MinGW's binaries are
used instead of cygwin's ones. (I used this method to build erl_interface
with MinGW and it didn't complain [much]).

Hi mats,

> AFAIK, this has never been attempted. And as the author of gtknode I
> can assure you that it was never intended to be ported to
> Windows. wxerlang (available in R13) is the way to go.

Does that means we'll get new versions of eper tools (
http://code.google.com/p/eper/) using wxerlang? ;) ;)
A while ago I tried to install eper but I stopped in the same place as Steve
(didn't thought of using cygwin at that time) and just extracted redbug.
By the way, thanks for building this wonderful little tool. :)

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