[erlang-questions] dynamic node creation?

Steve Kirsch steve.kirsch@REDACTED
Mon May 4 06:27:36 CEST 2009

well, it works as long as epmd is already running on your system. If it
isn't, you'll get:
1> net_kernel:start([myname, shortnames]).

=INFO REPORT==== 3-May-2009::20:41:14 ===
Protocol: "inet_tcp": register error: {{badmatch,{error,econnrefused}},

so you need to start epmd, or start another node which is distributed
before you make the call to transform yourself. 

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t ty <tty.erlang@REDACTED> writes:

> net_kernel:start([ss, shortnames]).

  AFAIK, this would turn a non-distributed node into a distributed

  For starting new nodes, check out the 'slave' module in stdlib.

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