[erlang-questions] got an industrial strength version of mingw capable of building gtknode and glade?

Steve Kirsch <>
Mon May 4 03:29:33 CEST 2009

Building gtknode seems non-trivial due to the spaghetti stack of
depedencies causing you to have to install module after module (in C,
perl, etc) to be able to compile glade. So you have to have all the
normal system includes, have to have your environment set just right,
have to have the right version of all the tools, and even then you fail
because you have to manually fix the make scripts to use compiler
options that don't seem to exist, etc. It's a long list. Most perl stuff
was easy, but I sure couldn't get MIME::Base64 to compile at all, for
example (I know, that should be trivial). Even all the instructions on
how to build your system have errors.

I've spent hours on this already and I've now thrown in the towel.

Has ANYONE out there been able to build gtknode and glade on MS-Windows
using Mingw/Msys?

If so, I'd sure love to get a snapshot of your Mingw/Msys environment.

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