[erlang-questions] passing function references, do we have same ability as bifs?

Kevin <>
Fri May 1 07:11:30 CEST 2009

I've figured out how to do this simple "meta-programming",

start() ->
    run(io, format, ["hello", "there"]).

run(M, F, Args) ->
    M:F("~s ~s~n", Args).

But do we have the same power as something like spawn(Module, Function, 
Args), where Args is
passed in as a list, but its "exploded" into parameters when the 
function is called?

Can something like this work?

start() ->
    run(string, equal, ["hello", "hello"]).

run(M, F, Args) ->
    M:F(Args).  %% called as string:equal("hello", "hello")

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