[erlang-questions] Standard modern salary for an Erlang programmer?

Wed Mar 25 17:12:23 CET 2009

I don't think there is an average salary yet. Erlang usage in my experience here in the US is still limited to first time projects at most companies.  The language has not yet been incorporated on a broad scale as a standard part of operations for most companies.  Therefore it depends largely on the varying business values that individual Erlang projects present to the companies that have decided to use it.  Very senior people that are coming in to architect and provide guidance can pull in over 6 figure equivalent contracts or even salaries, less senior people or those that are just learning, less.  My point is, that don't count on a salary of this or that range.  Erlang should not be your bread and butter at this point. If you are one of the few of us lucky enough to do a long full time Erlang stint then good for you - but have a backup and base your salary expectations of other factors besides what other Erlang programmers have managed to make.

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Hello everyone,

What's a standard, good average salary for the Erlang programmer with a few years of experience, based in USA?
Java is 70-90k, and I read online that since us Erlangers, being a less known, and essential for writing software that scales, and will scale into the future, is much higher. I seem to find various blogs that state the salary in 2008 was anywhere from 99k to 180k.

Can anyone throw a few numbers at me that are currently working in the industry using Erlang?

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