[erlang-questions] Standard modern salary for an Erlang programmer?

mats cronqvist masse@REDACTED
Fri Mar 27 09:10:58 CET 2009

Jon Gretar Borgthorsson <jongretar@REDACTED> writes:

> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 3:43 AM, Michael Ossareh <ossareh@REDACTED> wrote:
>> I often find myself wondering if learning dying languages is a better
>> way to get paid more than learning new languages that gain popularity.
>> Cobol in banking anyone? =)
> Yup... My feelings excactly. You can either focus on Java and have a
> 50% chance of having to write at least 4 different CMS's in your
> life.....
> Or you can focus on ADA and program the Space Shuttle.

  Although I agree with the sentiment here, it seems you're calling
  Java "a new language that's gaining popularity." Surely Java is
  the Cobol of the '00s?
  Maybe it's time to put FORTRAN77 back on the CV.


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