[erlang-questions] Standard modern salary for an Erlang programmer?

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 05:04:03 CET 2009

Michael Ossareh wrote:
> I often find myself wondering if learning dying languages is a better
> way to get paid more than learning new languages that gain popularity.
> Cobol in banking anyone? =)
I've heard the samething. And it's not just banking there's at least one 
organisation in town that has its payroll system on something in written 
Cobol of all things.

To get back on topic. It'd be interested in any info on peoples 
experiences salary wise even from past jobs. I think that the original 
poster in dreaming and what a nice dream a salary like that would be. 
Almost enough to make me move to the US...almost.

You right about the industry being the determining factor in salaries, 
but the industry will quite often have an excepted list of languages 
which you can use. If it's not explicitly stated it's at least implied. 
So if you wish to use a cool language you may be limiting yourself in 
your industry choice. They have to make you suffer to justify paying 
you, it's important to be seen to be busy not to be productive :-).


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