[erlang-questions] Paul Graham uses Erlang to solve scaling problems!!!

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Thu Mar 12 12:00:09 CET 2009

Well, everyone didn't seem overjoyed at the deluge of Erlang postings. :-)
But I do think we, the Erlang community, should be better at posting Erlang
stuff on the Y-combinator. After all it *is* actually relevant for them,
even if some don't realise it. The same holds for dzone and Reddit


2009/3/12 <masse@REDACTED>

>  yes it's true; Paul Graham, lisp evangelist and IT millionaire, is
> using the awesome powers of Erlang to solve the scaling issues of
> Hacker News, his reddit clone.
>  Read and rejoice! Or something.
>  mats
> http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=512145
> Why HN is slow lately
> We've had a huge spike in traffic lately, from roughly 24k daily
> uniques to 33k. This is a result of being mentioned on more mainstream
> sites. I hope this spike will subside, like past ones have. In the
> meantime I may temporarily hack a few things to make the site faster,
> like putting fewer results on threads pages.
> You can help the spike subside by making HN look extra boring. For the
> next couple days it would be better to have posts about the innards of
> Erlang than women who create sites to get hired by Twitter.
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