[erlang-questions] Paul Graham uses Erlang to solve scaling problems!!!

Thu Mar 12 00:01:07 CET 2009

  yes it's true; Paul Graham, lisp evangelist and IT millionaire, is
using the awesome powers of Erlang to solve the scaling issues of
Hacker News, his reddit clone.

  Read and rejoice! Or something.



Why HN is slow lately

We've had a huge spike in traffic lately, from roughly 24k daily
uniques to 33k. This is a result of being mentioned on more mainstream
sites. I hope this spike will subside, like past ones have. In the
meantime I may temporarily hack a few things to make the site faster,
like putting fewer results on threads pages.

You can help the spike subside by making HN look extra boring. For the
next couple days it would be better to have posts about the innards of
Erlang than women who create sites to get hired by Twitter.

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