[erlang-questions] Request for enhancement: lchown

Ville Silventoinen ville.silventoinen@REDACTED
Wed Mar 11 17:43:49 CET 2009


I apologise if I'm asking on the wrong mailing list, I'm not sure what the
protocol is (should I submit an EEP?).

If possible, it would be great to have "write_link_info" in some future
release. As far as I know, there is no way to set the owner of a symbolic
link (write_file_info follows the symlink). I took a look at the
otp_src_R12B-5 sources, it looks like this could be implemented in
emulator/drivers/unix/unix_efile.c with a similar function to
"efile_write_info", except that it would call lchown instead of chown.

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