[erlang-questions] Generating skeleton linked-in driver code using an IDL?

Jani Hakala jahakala@REDACTED
Mon Mar 9 17:32:02 CET 2009

Michael Truog <mjtruog@REDACTED> writes:

> I created the Generic Erlang Port Driver to have an easy way to 
> automatically generate a port driver or port for C or C++.  The code 
> generation does not rely on an idl file but instead uses 
> boost::preprocess to use macros.  The code is still in development, but 
> should provide another way of creating port drivers automatically.  The 
> port drivers are generated only with usage of outputv, for efficiency.  
> The message structure is determined from basic types passed with the 
> native byte order.  A facade pattern could easily be added as an 
> interface to the port driver.  You can find the code here:
Are there any examples that demonstrate how to pass other than
simple data types (like a C struct converted to an equivalent tuple)
between erlang and driver (both directions)? 

Jani Hakala

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