[erlang-questions] examples for erlang with joins

Hubert Plociniczak hubert.plociniczak@REDACTED
Sun Mar 8 02:53:54 CET 2009

Hi All,

I've been working recently on extending Erlang with constructs that allow
for matching on multiple messages in the mailbox.
The idea comes from Join-calculus, and its implementation in languages like
Polyphonic C# or JoCaml.
So, programmers should be able to write for example:

  {foo, One} and {bar, Two} when (One > Two) ->

And I also added similar behaviour to gen_server.

The problem now I have, is to actually find a good example to prove that
such constructs could be useful to have in the language. I have already
implemented solutions to Santa Claus or Wide Finder problem, but I am
potentially looking for something bigger, like some already existing
application, that could be more clear using this syntax. Any ideas?

Another question relates to the implementation of the extension. I've got
two versions, one uses standard Erlang and parse_transform and the other
uses changes I made to the erts. I was wondering if there are any tests
available for the runtime as there is nothing I can find in the source code?

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