Priority queues and Erlang

John Haugeland <>
Mon Jun 15 21:58:41 CEST 2009

> I suspect the real situation is that Abrash only used the bubble sort on
> data that was already sorted or just a swap or two away from being sorted.

Er, no.  The vertex data is completely replaced every frame.

> I guess such sort problems are common in graphics programming where
> not all that much changes between frames

In 3d engines, most vertex data is completely replaced every single frame.

Speculation driven rebuttal is unfortunate.

> I haven't done the sorting benchmarks myself, but I'd definitely trust Richard here for the general case

Indeed, the two are inseparable.  When the former is resolved, so
shall be the latter.

This is not a general case issue, of course.  This was explicitly
presented as only in the case of extremely small containers.

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