[erlang-questions] booting erlang off of amazon s3

Michael Radford <>
Thu Jun 11 20:30:30 CEST 2009

Hi Joel,

We package our Erlang software as .debs which use erlrc:

Then use the ec2-do script (also in the erlrc repository) and APT to
update the cluster.  With this method, the Erlang node on each machine
can stay running indefinitely, and updates use hot code loading.


Joel Reymont writes:
> I'm configuring Erlang clusters on EC2 again and need to figure out  
> how to update the cluster with new versions of the code.
> I could rebuild the image but that's quite time-consuming.
> I could use a boot server but that would require two instances for  
> reliability.
> Has anyone tried booting off of Amazon S3? That would be like using a  
> network disk available to all the EC2 instances.
> 	Thanks, Joel
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