erlang improvement - objective c (or smalltalk) syntax

Steve Davis <>
Fri Jun 5 00:24:26 CEST 2009

Hmmm... OK, I partly take that back.

It seems that Joe WAS suggesting "for every function call" (eek). I
missed the idea that I think was there that tagged args can be in any

But then -- won't you now have to remember (or consult the docs for)
the valid tagnames?

Also, taking a looking at the example given:

string:substring(Str, I, J)

...isn't this a straw man with intentionally badly named variables?

why not just choose your variable names more carefully e.g.

string:substring(String, Start, Length)

...whichever way it's done, you're still going to have to look at the
function you are calling to know what args to feed in.

Maybe I'm just being dense but it seems that way to me.


On Jun 4, 4:16 pm, Steve Davis <> wrote:
> Tony -
> The sentiment I support.
> But I don't think this proposal represents a solution to it, and I
> think your example is incorrect. i.e. I don't think that Joe proposed
> that you need to qualify your arguments every time you call a
> function, but rather only in the signature of the function
> implementation -- which you would still need to consult to find the
> argument order.
> regs,
> /s
> On Jun 4, 3:55 pm, Tony Arcieri <> wrote:
> > readable.  Consider:
> > do_something(true, true, 360, 120)
> > versus:
> > do_something(scale:true preserve_aspect:true width:360 height:120)
> > Tony Arcieri
> >
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