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Dave Pawson dave.pawson@REDACTED
Tue Jul 28 17:09:28 CEST 2009

2009/7/28 Fred Hebert (MononcQc) <mononcqc@REDACTED>:
> I'm not the guy who can help, but Cesarini & Thompson's Erlang Programming
> book (
> http://www.amazon.com/Erlang-Programming-Francesco-Cesarini/dp/0596518188)
> provide a helpful chapter covering the basics of wxErlang with pointers on
> how to get more information.
> (In general, I'd recommend the book to anyone who wants to learn more about
> building OTP applications than what they've read in Joe Armstrong's book, so
> maybe this can make you wish to get it too).

+1 to the recommendation.
I'm new to Erlang and finding it a good read.
It does need 'studying' though, I guess I've re-read chunks
of it a number of times! More from it each time.

I love the 'this is what our experience shows' kind of paragraphs.
Clearly built from experience.

Also provides some insights on where bits of Erlang came from,
i.e. why they are like they are.

Good book IMHO
(just hope the binding holds up to the desktop abuse)


Dave Pawson
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