How to distribute code using code server to slave nodes

Angel Alvarez clist@REDACTED
Wed Jul 22 00:06:06 CEST 2009


Im learning erlang so i use to write toy programs just for fun
now Im learning to use the pool module, so i cant spread workers over some computers.

The problem is that prior to pspawn processes i have to manually distribute code among all members of the pool.
I use to write something like this (i saw this somewhere on the net...)

	pool:start(pooltest, lists:concat(["-setcookie ", erlang:get_cookie()])),
	distribute_app([mymodule1,mymodule2, ... , mymodulen]),

with distribute_app as:

distribute_app(Modules) ->
        %% extraer todos los nodos excepto el Master
        RemoteNodes = [X || X <- pool:get_nodes(), X =/= node()],
        %% Transferir el código
        lists:foreach(fun(Node) -> transfer_code(Node, Modules) end, RemoteNodes).

transfer_code(Node, Modules) ->
        [transfer_module(Node, Module) || Module <- Modules].

transfer_module(Node, Module) ->
        {_Module, Binary, FileName} = code:get_object_code(Module),
        rpc:call(Node, code, load_binary, [Module, FileName, Binary]).

Instead of doing this, can i instruct remote code servers to ask master code server for code when
it need to locate new refences?

Is seems to be related to starting erl with "--loader inet" ¿Can anyone prove me with some pointers about this? 


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