[erlang-questions] is this appropriate usage of dirty read/write?

Ryan Lepidi ryeguy1@REDACTED
Mon Jan 12 07:43:27 CET 2009


I just wanted to make sure I understand when it is proper to use dirty reads
and writes. From my understanding, it is ok to use them if:
1) slightly stale values don't matter
2) an operation on one variable in the database is not dependent on the
value of the other

When its ok to use dirty:
-adding a new user to the database
-changing that user's email address or password
-adding a post comment to the database (assuming the posts are in a
different table, and are normalized)

When it's not ok:
-User wants to purchase an item (assuming it's a game server, and the
player's money is stored in the database)
-When 2 players want to trade items

Is my understanding correct? Should I be using dirty operations whenever I
can for the speed increase?
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