[erlang-questions] Best practice to hot update .hrl

mats cronqvist masse@REDACTED
Wed Jan 7 15:08:55 CET 2009

"Kaiduan Xie" <kaiduanx@REDACTED> writes:

> "In this respect, proplists or dicts are much better if you can live with the
> (modest) performance hit."

  a record is really a tuple.

 Rec = #rec{}.

  In this case, Rec will be {rec,"A","B"}.

  If you change the record definition, and there is a old version of
Rec hanging around somewhere (e.g. in Mnesia, on another node, on the
stack), you can't access ANY field in that record using the record

  Real dicts obviously does not have this problem.


(*) unless you have a module for each version of the record, and no
two record versions have the same length. This "solution" is of course
completly idiotic.

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