[erlang-questions] Best practice to hot update .hrl

Peter Lund erlang@REDACTED
Mon Jan 5 11:29:49 CET 2009

My 2 eurocent:

1. You need to identify all .erl files that uses the updated
   part of in your .hrl file.
2. You need to identify processes that runs code those .erl
   (beam) files.
3. Then you a) suspend, b) update datastructures and c) resume
   these processes (if not more/all)


Kaiduan Xie skrev:
> Hi,
> OTP Design principles talks a lot on how to do release handling. 
> However it does not discuss the case where .hrl file is updated. For 
> example, how to deal the the following cases?
> 1. A new record is added,
> 2. An element is removed/added from an existing record,
> 3. A value of macro is changed.
> Thanks for inputs,
> kaiduan
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