[erlang-questions] Best practice to hot update .hrl

Hasan Veldstra hasan.veldstra@REDACTED
Fri Jan 2 23:44:30 CET 2009

definitons from header files get inserted into erl files directly by  
the preprocessor. (i don't think the Erlang runtime has a concept of  
a "header file" – someone please correct me if i'm wrong.)

so you simply (re)compile the modules that make use of the updated  
hrl file and reload them.

On 2 Jan 2009, at 21:35PM, Kaiduan Xie wrote:

> Hi,
> OTP Design principles talks a lot on how to do release handling.  
> However it does not discuss the case where .hrl file is updated.  
> For example, how to deal the the following cases?
> 1. A new record is added,
> 2. An element is removed/added from an existing record,
> 3. A value of macro is changed.
> Thanks for inputs,
> kaiduan
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