[erlang-questions] sinan build fails: internal error in beam_asm

Thomas Brian taum.xd@REDACTED
Fri Feb 6 02:27:23 CET 2009

I'm trying to get a little bit more familiar with Erlang, and so far have
only done the very basics: playing with the shell, writing a basic network
server with gen_tcp and gen_server, etc.

I am now interested in Sinan to help me build a bigger app. I started with
sinan gen which builds what looks like a sensible template to me. But sinan
build fails to compile anything :

$ sinan build
[build] start
[build] Building
error in beam_asm;
crash reason: {{badmatch,{error,enoent}},

On a side note, I'm also having a very hard time finding basic documentation
about how to manage an app in Erlang/OTP: how to get started, run it, etc.
Are there any good ressources out there I might have overlooked ?

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