[erlang-questions] common_test Automatic Naming

Peter Andersson <>
Wed Dec 9 15:27:17 CET 2009

The thought behind the naming scheme is that the directory on the level
above the test object directory is one that might represent a group of
test objects (not necessarily OTP applications under lib), and for that
reason is useful to include in the test name (i.e. it's included in the
name because it *could* be useful info, not because it's necessary).
Test names are described in the User's Guide (6.9 Log files), but it's
not explained there *why* "TopLevelDir" is part of the name (noted).
Maybe we could make it possible to configure the naming scheme in some
practical way, or at least make it optional to exclude the top level
directory in the test name. Or? What kind of override mechanism would
you prefer to see in a future version of Comon Test?


Ericsson AB, Erlang/OTP

Jayson Vantuyl wrote:
> So, when I let common_test generate its HTML output, I get these names for my modules.
> I've got them in an Erlang-style libdir.  So module foo comes out as lib.foo and has its tests at lib/foo-X.Y.Z/test/something_SUITE.erl.  
> After doing some detective work, I determined that the name is generated by ct_run:get_name/1.  I see that it appears to take the two directory names above the test directory as the name of the suite.  What is the rationale behind this naming?  Is there somewhere else I should put my tests?  Is it ever going to be possible to override this naming scheme?
> Thanks,

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