Port forwarding / managed web

Johann Höchtl <>
Sun Dec 6 12:06:58 CET 2009


I have been out of programming the last five years. During this time
the world considerably changed, especially when it comes to web
frameworks. Back then, everything was served by apache (eg. PHP),or on
windows IIS (.NET worker process) and the frameworks were citizens of
the web servers.

In the Erlang world this seems considerably different. Nitrogen,
webmachine, Erlang Web preferably embed a web server (Yaws, mochiweb),
instead of beeing an application served in an existing web framework.

Let's assume, that I have multiple web applications runing on
different ports, possibly load balanced by the distributed nature of
erlang. What I woud like to achive is that incoming request are all
routed to port 80 (or 443 resp.) eg, /application1, /application2 and
internally forwarded to the respective applications.

I know that this question is not necessarily erlang centric.

Can somebody give me some hints as how to set up a web ecosystem in a
unix/linux environment, that best suits that requirement?

Thank you,


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