[erlang-questions] Problems cross-compiling OTP on ARM

Matthias Lang <>
Fri Sep 26 14:48:50 CEST 2008

On Friday, September 26, Corrado Santoro wrote:

> The strange thing is that I've disabled hipe (./configure 
> --disable_hipe), but it seems that hipe is still considered?

You've pretty much figured it out: --disable_hipe would more accurately
be --disable_some_parts_of_hipe_but_not_others_which_is_fine_unless_you're_cross_compiling_in_which_case_its_a_bit_of_a_pain

So, it's a question which comes up on the list every so often in 
connection with cross compiling.

There's an article on the trapexit wiki showing how I cross-compile
R10B. Others have successfully followed those instructions for a variety
of CPUs.

For R11B, I use slightly different patches. I've attached them.

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