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Dana.RUBINO <>
Mon Sep 22 14:10:03 CEST 2008

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for the advice!

I think you may be correct in that it appears the second process is dying shortly after being started - the log is indicating it is being started! (they don't register themselves)

Slightly off-topic, any ideas why the appmon uses such a large amount of memory when switching to sup view from proc?

Many thanks,

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Hi Dan

The first thing that comes to mind is, does the generic_tcp_server register itself? If so, the second one will fail to start. Do you see any error messages? I find if you start SASL before you run your program, you may get better error information (application:start(sasl), or -boot sasl on the command line). Anotyher possibility is, could one of them have died before you looked in appmon? What does your output/error log look like?

The other thing is, instead of explicitly looking in registered() for your connection monitor, you coud just use whereis():

case whereis(?CONNCOUNTER) of
    undefined -> % Not registered
        register(?CONNCOUNTER, spawn(fun() -> counter(0, MaxConnections) end)),
        error_logger:info_msg("TCP server <~p> started TCP connection monitor.~n", [self()]);
    Pid ->
            "TCP connection monitor (~p) already registered as ~p ...SKIPPING~n",
            [?CONNCOUNTER, Pid]

Hope this helps.

2008/9/22 <<mailto:>>
Hi all,

I have a simple supervisor setup which is watching two worker processes.

Now I have created the init method as such:

init(Args) ->

    [{port,Port},{maxconns, MaxConnections},{sockethandlermod, SocketHandlerMod}] = Args,

    Registered = registered(),

    case lists:any(fun(X) -> X =:= ?CONNCOUNTER end, Registered) of

        true ->

            error_logger:info_msg("TCP connection monitor (~p) already registered...SKIPPING~n",[?CONNCOUNTER]);

        false ->

            register(?CONNCOUNTER, spawn(fun() -> counter(0, MaxConnections) end)),

            error_logger:info_msg("TCP server <~p> started TCP connection monitor.~n", [self()])


GenTcpServer1 = {'GenTcpServer1',{generic_tcp_server,start_link,[Port,SocketHandlerMod]},permanent,2000,worker,[generic_tcp_server]},

GenTcpServer2 = {'GenTcpServer2',{generic_tcp_server,start_link,[Port,SocketHandlerMod]},permanent,2000,worker,[generic_tcp_server]},

{ok,{{one_for_one,0,1}, [GenTcpServer1, GenTcpServer2]}}.

Nothing fancy going on there - I would expect this supervisor to start both GenTcpServer1 AND GenTcpServer2 given two speca have been returned?

For some reason it is only starting one when I look in appmon etc.

Any thoughts?

Many Thanks,

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