[erlang-questions] A better shell.

Francesca Gangemi <>
Tue Sep 16 12:33:55 CEST 2008


Ahmed Ali wrote:
> Hi,
> Eralng shell uses some Emacs commands for editing code. I'm not sure
> if all of these work in Windows shell, but it works in linux.
> Ctrl-A: takes you to the beginning of the line
> Ctrl-E: takes you to the end of the line
> And while we're at it,
> Alt-F: takes you 1 word forward
> Alt-B: takes you 1 word backwords
> Alt-D: deletes 1 word forwards
> Alt-<Backspace>: deletes 1 word backwords
> Ctrl-K: Deletes everything until the end of the line
The last three commands are a "cut" rather than "delete".
You can then copy it by typing Ctrl-y

Kind regards

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