[erlang-questions] Mnesia tables go out of sync in one node?

Tamas Nagy <>
Sun Sep 14 20:46:59 CEST 2008

Hi Mnesia Gurus!

In one of my projects running mnesia:restore/1 seemingly finishes  
The data is usable after restoration. But if I restart the node some  
tables loose a lot of data without any warning.

Because the problem is reproducible I did some further testing and it  
seems that the data which disappears is never written to the disc  
that's why it disappears after a node restart.

Is there any know limitation how big file mnesia:restore/1 can handle?  
Mine is around 300 Mb.
Did the memory and disc data got of sync for anybody else before (not  
just during restoration)?

The system is using R12B1 and consist of only one node. I've checked  
the release notes for R12B2 - R12B4 and there is nothing about this.

As a side note: Does anyone now which hash function is used for  
building index tables? We had to change our unique identifier because  
building the index table for 1000000 rows took 2 and a half hours.


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