[erlang-questions] Compiling Erlang for the iPhone

Uwe Dauernheim <>
Sun Sep 14 15:16:38 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'd like to compile Erlang for the iPhone. Since I read in the Readme  
(and could already do it myself) it is possible to compile it for Mac  
OS X. So I thought compiling it for the iPhone should also be  
possible. But I don't get it to work. I tried cross compiling it on my  
Mac and also direct compile it on the iPhone. Neither method works.  
Maybe I don't know what to change, to make it iPhone compatible. Below  
you can see my testing script. Maybe someone find the missing value or  
the error?

Thanks in advance.



#!/bin/bash -x


# Temporarily change to temp directory
pushd /tmp
# Remove old compiling tries
rm -Rf $srcname

# (Download and) unpack sourcefiles
#curl http://www.erlang.org/download/$srcname.tar.gz | tar -xz
cat $srcfolder/$srcname.tar.gz | tar -xz

# Change to source directory
cd $srcname

# Remove any "historic" files
./otp_build remove_prebuilt_files

# Configure Part
./configure --target=arm-apple-darwin --disable-hipe --disable-smp- 
support --with-ssl --prefix=$prefix
make noboot
make install

# Remove unneccessary files
rm -Rf $prefix/lib/erlang/lib/cos*
rm -Rf $prefix/lib/erlang/lib/et-*
rm -Rf $prefix/lib/erlang/lib/gs-*
rm -Rf $prefix/lib/erlang/lib/megaco-*
rm -Rf $prefix/lib/erlang/lib/orber-*
rm -Rf $prefix/lib/erlang/lib/toolbar-*

# Create a compress file of the compiled binaries
tar -cf $binname.tar $prefix
gzip $binname.tar
mv $binname.tar.gz $binfolder/$binname.tar.gz

# Clean-up
rm -Rf $srcname
rm -Rf $prefix

# Go back to where we came from

# Transfer to iPhone
scp $binfolder/$binname.tar.gz root@$iphoneip:/

# Decompress on iPhone
ssh root@$iphoneip "cd / ; tar -xzf $binname.tar.gz"

# Test it on the iPhone
ssh root@$iphoneip "/usr/libexec/erlang/bin/erl"

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