[erlang-questions] How to dynamically add one node to erlang's distrubted application?

devdoer bird <>
Wed Sep 10 07:21:47 CEST 2008

Thanks. If I have 100 machines ,I have to edt the config files on all 100
machines, that's unacceptable. Are there any solutions?

2008/9/10 Nicolas Charpentier <>

> devdoer bird wrote:
>> ...
>> Now I want to  add one more node to  the system  .How can I do this using
>> erlang's distributed applicaiton mechanism? Do I have to edit the config
>> file on all 3 nodes to add the 4th node and restart all of them?
> Hi,
> if you can't stop your nodes because others mandatory applications are
> running you can try to use application:load/2 on all your nodes. The second
> param is the distribution parameter which overload kernel value.
> To be able to load an application, it have to be stopped.
> Don't forget to update the config file for the next node restart.
> I never tried to do that but the documentation seems to say that it's
> possible
> Regards,
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> Nicolas
> http://charpi.net
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