[erlang-questions] How to dynamically add one node to erlang's distrubted application?

Nicolas Charpentier <>
Wed Sep 10 07:17:45 CEST 2008

devdoer bird wrote:
> Now I want to  add one more node to  the system  .How can I do this 
> using erlang's distributed applicaiton mechanism? Do I have to edit the 
> config file on all 3 nodes to add the 4th node and restart all of them?


if you can't stop your nodes because others mandatory applications are 
running you can try to use application:load/2 on all your nodes. The 
second param is the distribution parameter which overload kernel value.
To be able to load an application, it have to be stopped.
Don't forget to update the config file for the next node restart.

I never tried to do that but the documentation seems to say that it's 



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