[erlang-questions] maybe a BUG in the build system of erlang?

luoyi <>
Mon Sep 8 04:52:39 CEST 2008

I'm making slackware pkgs for erlang R12B4, and find the "make
INSTALL_PREFIX=xxx install" command do some wrong work.

my process is:

./configure --prefix=/usr
make INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/SBo/package-erlang

then I make a slackware pkgs and install it. after install , I found
there still some files contain the "INSTALL_PREFIX" string, such as:

:/usr/lib/erlang$ grep -r '/opt/SBo' *
Binary file lib/kernel-2.12.4/ebin/hipe_unified_loader.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_sparc_registers.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_amd64_liveness.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_rtl_varmap.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/erl_types.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_x86_ra.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_sparc_ra_ls.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/cerl_cconv.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_x86_spill_restore.beam matches
Binary file lib/hipe-3.6.8/ebin/hipe_ppc_ra_ls.beam matches

obviously, in the shell file, the ROOTDIR should be "/usr/lib/erlang"
and there should no "/opt/SBo/package-erlang" string contained in the
hipe beam files.

is this a bug in the build system ?

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