[erlang-questions] New Book "Erlang Programming" from O'Reilly

Martin Logan <>
Sat Sep 6 06:47:02 CEST 2008

On 9/5/08 9:44 AM, "pat eyler" <> wrote:

> O'Reilly's not the only publisher with an Erlang book
> coming out.  I posted a while ago about a
> then-anonymous publsiher and their plans:
> http://on-erlang.blogspot.com/2008/02/more-book-rumours.html
> Since then, Manning has come out of hiding and
> announced their book, which is now partially available in
> early access mode:
> http://www.manning.com/logan/

Yes we are working quite hard on this one.  The stuff in MEAP is not really
worth reading right now as it is in pre pre beta form and very unedited.  We
are moving quickly though and will be putting a much larger set of text and
code (which actually works, the stuff in the second chapter of what is
currently out there is not even compliable at this point :) )

I have been doing Erlang for some 9 years now, same with Eric, and Richard
was around since the beginning as far as I can tell. Even with all that
experience I must say writing a book is far more difficult than I could have
imagined. I am sitting here tonght punishing my brain to put out the most
concise explanation possible on pattern matching :)  Putting yourself in the
shoes of someone who does not know what you know is not easy. But hey, we
need more books to accommodate and teach the flood of eager folks that need
to learn our language so they don't drown in threaded messes.

In our book we will be focusing more on really practical Erlang.  Each of us
has worked full time for years with Erlang and put multiple systems into
production.  The book will focus less on theory and more on practice with
heavy emphasis on OTP.  I believe it will be an asset to our community.


> if you want more information about the O'Reilly books, I
> posted some interviews with the authors and editor earlier
> this year:
> http://on-erlang.blogspot.com/search/label/Practical%20Erlang
> On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 5:28 AM, Kenji Rikitake <> wrote:
>> Erlang Programming
>> by Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson
>> to be published on December 2008
>> http://www.amazon.com/dp/0596518188
>> (Anybody found the www.oreilly.com link? I didn't.)
>> I'm looking forward to reading the book soon.
>> (I've already preordered it at amazon.co.jp.)
>> Kenji Rikitake
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