[erlang-questions] fprof doubts

Geevarghese Philip <>
Wed Sep 3 10:25:31 CEST 2008


I used fprof to profile my code. I got an analysis report, but I am confused
about a couple of things in the report:

   a) There is not much information about /my/ functions in the report : it
is mostly about the underlying Erlang library functions. While I expect that
most of the work is done by the libraries, my own functions are the gateways
(so to speak) to these library functions, so they should appear in the
profile with large ACC numbers against them, but this doesn't happen.
Wherever my functions appear, they have very small numbers against them, and
only in /two/ places do they occur with a % against them -- which indicates
that the information is about calls to these functions.

b) I checked every instance in the report where the module name is "graphs"
(my module). Everywhere the function reported is a fun. Why isn't the parent
function reported at all?

c) In nearly every block of information, there is an entry named "undefined"
with large numbers against it. What does this mean?
Could these be because I have not invoked/named my functions in some
specified manner?

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