[erlang-questions] Getting 'ei' based driver programs to run in Windows?

Peter Smith <>
Wed Sep 3 03:27:30 CEST 2008

I'm trying to write a simple driver program to communicate from Erlang to my
own program. I've read the web page at


and can pretty much follow the code (I'm very new to Erlang).  After the
obligatory compile, link, and "add a dot to the end of your line or 'erl'
won't do anything" problems, I managed to get:

   1. erlang to start my program
   2. my program picks up the parameters (all seventeen bytes, plus length!)
   3. my program makes the return object
   4. my program writes the return object (all ten bytes, plus length!)

The erlang sample program, though, doesn't ever seem to "get" the return
object, and consequently just sits there.

Any ideas?  Is this supposed to work in windows?  Is there a way, in the
'receive', to print out the actual bytes receieved?  I'm using VS2005 and
the most recent 5.6.3 Erlang binaries for windows.  I've done other IPC-type
programming before (for the old RS/1 statistical program and others), but
this just stumps me: I hardly know where to begin.

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