[erlang-questions] Feedback Request: Nitrogen - A New Web Framework for Erlang

Filippo Pacini pacini@REDACTED
Fri Oct 24 10:52:40 CEST 2008

Oscar Hellström wrote:
> Hi,
> Rusty Klophaus wrote:
>> I've heard from a few people that Yaws might not be the best choice.  
>> Nitrogen is relatively loosely coupled to the underlying server, so I  
>> would certainly be open to swapping it for something else. What do  
>> you recommend?
> I can't say I recommend it right now, but I (and Martin) have started
> develop something we call gen_httpd where the goal is to provide a very
> simple HTTP server interface rather than a web server. The motivation
> behind this is that things such as frameworks, backends with HTTP
> interfaces etc. usually don't need a web server per say, but only a HTTP
> interface. Anyway, you can find some code at
> http://code.hellstrom.st/hg.cgi/ I hope to add some documentation soonish :)

You might also be interested in ewgi (Erlang Web Gateway Interface). 
Seems similar to gen_httpd. It defines a standard interface for Erlang 
web applications and frameworks to interact with underlying web servers.

Here the specs:

I wouldn't recommend it right now either. If you are interested join the 
google group.


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