[erlang-questions] Feedback Request: Nitrogen - A New Web Framework for Erlang

Christian chsu79@REDACTED
Fri Oct 24 10:50:40 CEST 2008

> I can't say I recommend it right now, but I (and Martin) have started
> develop something we call gen_httpd where the goal is to provide a very
> simple HTTP server interface rather than a web server. The motivation
> behind this is that things such as frameworks, backends with HTTP
> interfaces etc. usually don't need a web server per say, but only a HTTP
> interface. Anyway, you can find some code at
> http://code.hellstrom.st/hg.cgi/ I hope to add some documentation soonish :)

A weekend a few weeks ago  I started a little fastcgi project:

I have tested, and developed, it with nginx and it relays http
requests fine. Thanks to {packet, fcgi} mode it was very simple to get
it working. What remains is a good well defined failure behavior. The
idea is that the ifastcgi application monitors servers that receive
fastcgi connections and relays them to the module registed. Allowing
you to have multiple running fastcgi servers at different ports and so
on, all in the same node.

There is no documentation in ifastcgi either :), cant say i have any
plans for it either, but ifastcgi_test:run() is a pointer.

Also, iserve seem to be a tiny web server that does what you describe
gen_httpd as.

What I now see a need for is a _standalone library_ for parsing
various http headers: dates, cookies, content negotiation,...

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