[erlang-questions] What erlc flags are needed to compile native (HiPE) to run on smp-disabled runtime?

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Sun Oct 12 20:44:29 CEST 2008

Edwin Fine writes:
 > To generate native code for smp-enabled runtime using erlc is easy. I can't
 > seem to make it happen for smp disabled runtime.
 > If I start up Erlang with -smp disable and compile from within Erlang, then
 > it does what I want (creates a natively-compiled beam for non-smp use).
 > $ erl -smp disable
 > 1> c(mymodule, [native, {hipe, o3}])
 > {ok,mymodule}
 > 8>
 > But this is very inconvenient if a build system is created that relies on
 > erlc. Is there a better way?

For various reasons the HiPE compiler can only generate code
for the runtime system it's running on, so to generate non-SMP
code you must run the compiler from within a non-SMP system.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any flag to erlc to make
it choose a non-default runtime system, or a way to pass on raw
options to erl instead of the compiler. erl (erlexec.c), however,
can take command-line options from the environment, and the
following seems to work:

	ERL_AFLAGS='-smp disable' erlc +native Module.erl

But extending erts/etc/common/erlc.c to accept

	erlc -smp disable MoreOptions

with the same meaning as for erl, or to accept

	erlc -erl ErlOption ...

and pass ErlOption verbatim to erl would be a nicer solution.


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